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Register Outlook

Register Outlook. Having an email account, it is something that can help us a lot of activities through internet, from the fact that we can check in a lot of blogs or websites which is considered as a requirement, to maintain communication with family and friends at all times. But to have a nice experience… Read More »

How to delete Twitter Account

Twitter is one of the most used social networks around the world today, however, could always be the case that there is a person who no longer want to use your account, for this reason, here is a tutorial by which you have the option to delete Twitter account very easily and clearly, this way… Read More »

Facebook Home Page

No doubt the king of social networks is Facebook, the amount of millions of users that counts today is already uncountable. This time, we’ll show briefly the home page of Facebook. It is more than clear that this is only and exclusively directed to novice users who do not concocen no internet, as almost everyone… Read More »

Twitter Login

Twitter Login. Today, everyone knows it and that the online platform Twitter is used. No need to introduce you the, but anyway it say it is a messaging service with which you can communicate with other contacts in the world, using hashtags and send images among other things. Twitter Login [maxbutton name=”Twitter Login”] Sign up… Read More »

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an app which allows you to chat with all contacts you have on Facebook either from your phone or from the PC itself. With this app you can send and receive pictures, talk to several people at once, knowing where you are writing, and both use the chat from the comfort of… Read More »

Create Skype Account

Create Skype Account. For using the Hotmail service and features, after you sign up you must login into your account, it’s really simple and will give you the option for using another Microsoft services like Skype, OneDrive or Calendar straight from the Hotmail Page. Create Skype Account First of all, in your home pc go… Read More »

Create Paypal Account

Paypal is an online payments system used all over the world; it is really useful for sending and receiving money online, Paypal is maybe the most popular online payment system because of its security, the company guarantees you your money and gives you many service options and features. In the world of internet, is almost… Read More »

If I have hotmail, do I have Skype too?

Good question; if you have a hotmail account you are using Skype, and congratulation, you now have access to the most popular video chat and calls app. Now when you create a new hotmail account (Or just owning an old one) you also will get a Skype account, but how do you log in Skype?… Read More »

Using the Hotmail calendar

The Hotmail Calendar is a great tool to keep your important dates always updated. For using Calendar go to or, at the top left you should see the Outlook logo, and next to it a little icon formed by little squares, click on it and you should see a lot of services that… Read More »

The starts of Badoo

Badoo is social network established in 2006, it allows users to connect and meet with people they don’t know in their near area or all over the world, the general interface of the page make the user interact with the people and their events, like parties, meetings or dates. Although today it works more as… Read More »