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By | September 25, 2015

Create a Badoo account. Badoo is a social network with over 265 million users! If you want to be on badoo to share with your friends, chat and meet new people. Thank you for Follow us.

BadooCreate a Badoo account

For registering, you will need to go to, where you will be able to see a very easy website either for logging in or for creating a new account. This second option is the one you are looking for, so select the link that says “Register in Badoo” and click on it to start the registration process.

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Once this option has been selected, a little form will open where you will need to input some personal information, including your name, date of birth, sex and city where you live.

When you create a Badoo account, you will need to specify your intentions. This means that you will need to say if you are creating this account to meet new friends, just chat or to seek for someone to date. Once this has been said, you should read the privacy policy and click on Enter.

Ready? Welcome to badoo, you can now start having fun online. Login Badoo.

But hey, isn’t there a way to avoid all that forms? If you want to access Badoo quickly and without needing to register, you have the option to do so by linking your Badoo account to another social network account, such as Facebook or Yahoo. This will avoid you the registration process and you will be able to start searching for a partner. The information from your Facebook or Yahoo profile will be automatically matched with the Badoo request.

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