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Using hotmail in my Android device

Now you can use Hotmail from your Android device, this will allow you to read and send your emails wherever you are and from the comfort of your hand. Hotmail in Android device The first thing you have to do is go to the Play Store on your Android, in the search bar type “Hotmail”… Read More »

Using hotmail in my iOS device

Using your hotmail account in your iOS device never was so easy, if you want start enjoying the benefits of hotmail in your iPhone, iPod and iPad just follow these steps. Hotmail in my iOS device First of all, we won’t use an app this time, we will use the iOS mail feature, because it… Read More »

Saving a draft in hotmail

So you are writing a really important mail in Hotmail but you got to leave soon, what can you do to save your job and finish it later? The answer is simple: Drafts. Drafts in hotmail Drafts are an easy and fast way to save your unfinished jobs online, without using any space on your… Read More »

My contacts in hotmail

The Hotmail email service counts with a special section for your contacts, they’re organized automatically and this allows you to do a lot of actions, let’s see how this works. Contacts in hotmail Go to or and click on the little icon on the top left corner, it will show a menu with… Read More »

Sending an email to multiple contacts

Sometimes you may want to send an email, a photo or any file to a lot of people at the same time, how can you do it? Well let’s see how easy this is. Email to multiple contacts Go to or and when you are on your inbox, look for the “New” button… Read More »

I can’t access my hotmail account

If you forget your password or someone try to hack into your Hotmail account you may have problems to log in hotmail, if this happens you can follow the next steps. I can’t access hotmail Go to or and under the sign in fields you should see a link named “I can’t access… Read More »

Changing my Hotmail password

If you need to change your Hotmail password go to the main page ( or and look for the little setting icon at the top right (Should be right between your name and the Skype icon) you will see many options like feedback, changing the color theme or help, scroll down until “Options” and… Read More »

Marking an email as read in Hotmail

If you receive a lot of emails everyday and you don’t have enough time to read them, with the time they may accumulate into a large number, this can make the reading something tricky and annoying, a message marks as “Read” at the time you open it, but if you don’t want to open 500… Read More »

Sending an attached file in Hotmail

Now you can easily send attached files via email with your Hotmail account. All you need to do is go to or and sign in. Once you are in your main page/inbox you click on the “New” button (Should be in the top left), now you must select a contact to send, add a… Read More »

I have a Hotmail account, how Outlook affects me?

If you have a hotmail account, you are now ready to use outlook. Outlook is a brand new and modern email service from Microsoft that came to replace hotmail. “I have my account and email, what else I need?” Nothing! The outlook service represents an automatic update of your hotmail account, now when you… Read More »