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By | September 26, 2015

Creat Account Facebook. Facebook, maybe the biggest social network in the world. If you are not in Facebook, so let’s see how can you create a Facebook account, yes?

Create Account Facebook

facebook accountGo to Facebook Home Page and you’ll see right there a little form registration to start filling, there will be basic information (Name, last name, email, password and birth date and gender) once you’re ready, hit open an account. Create Facebook Account

You’ll immediately get a Facebook email in your inbox with a link you must click in order to verify your account, you now own a Facebook account, but there’s still a lot of work to do, you’ll see the option to import your contacts from your favorite email service like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or Facebook Messenger. Import them and Facebook will automatically find your friends via email, you’ll see the option of sending a friend request to all (Or only the ones you want), but if you want you can skip this and comeback later, the “Import your contacts” page will always be available. See the video.

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Now you must set up your profile with a picture, your likes, your school or job and your Country and City.

Start using facebook, you’re now able to post text, quotes, photos or videos on your wall so your friends can see. Follow your favorite brands and celebrities. Find your old friends (Or maybe not) and play all kind of games with them.

One of the best Facebook features is the instant messaging, chat with your friends and even video-call them.

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