Do you know how to create a Twitter account?

By | September 26, 2015

Create Account Twitter. Twitter is a free micro blogging social network; it provides the users the ability to post 140 characters messages better known as “Tweets” that can also include links, photos or videos. It is now one of the most popular social networks in the world.

Create Account Twitter

create twitter account

In order to use Twitter you need create an account on, once you’re registered you can sign in to start connecting with other people, this tutorial will let you know step-by-step how become a Twitter member in just minutes.

How can you register on Twitter? First of all, go to, the site will automatically set in your language (Based in your region) if not, click on the language bar on the top and select your language.

Site over the form “You’re new on twitter?” fill it in with your full name, your email and other basic data, when you think you have everything right hit “Join Twitter”.

You’ll automatically be redirected to your timeline and a little red warning will appear on the top indicating that you need to verify your account; you can do this via phone or email.

Once you pass the verification you’ll be ready to start tweeting, to follow a person just type its name on the search bar, go to its profile and press follow, every time someone follows you, you’ll receive an email, however, you can change your notification settings in the settings page.

If you register using a phone, it’ll be exactly same, but the system will ask you a valid phone number. In this case the verification must be made by phone only. See the video and login Twitter.

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