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By | September 10, 2016

Creating iTunes Account. Are you planning to start downloading applications and music from iTunes or through the App Store ?, then you should keep in mind that you need an Apple ID to access these features, which insurance would get without making the entry of a credit card. There is a simple way to do this, and it is through the creation of a new ID with iTunes or even on a computer with Mac.

Method that works on Windows or Mac

You must start by opening iTunes, this in order to create your new Apple ID without using a credit card, remember that only from iTunes and not from the Apple website.

create itunes account

Now go to the tab that says “iTunes Store” and you proceed to open it.

You have to click on the button with three points, then make the selection of the “applications“. With this you will be redirected to the iTunes App Store.

You’ll start looking for a free application. Now you must install it, this way you will have the option to create the account, since it has no link with an option or payment.

You must press on the ‘free‘ button, so you immediately open an application so you can sign in using your Apple ID.

Now look for the button that says “create an Apple ID” then you must press on the option date “Continue“.

You must accept all terms and conditions to proceed with creating your Apple ID, which functions as iTunes account.

Now you must carry out the entry of all the information requested, remember that you have to have an email address, a personal password and also the inclusion of certain security questions, can it be be asked even your date birth.

Finally, you must pay close attention to all steps that are required, and when you have already filled out the form, then you must press on the button that says “continue“.

On reaching the time when the application for a method of payment is made, then you must find the option that says “No” or “None”. If it were not available in any case, then you must press on “Troubleshooting”, here you can realize the cause you can not find this option enabled, or is happening.

Proceed with the verification of your account

Now missing something very important, you have to find the verification link, which will appear in the email that they send you to remember that in the form entered an address, then you should check your inbox.

Media Once you proceed with the verification of your account, then your Apple ID and will be enabled, and you can log on to iTunes. This way you can quickly create an iTunes account.

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