Create Pokemon Go Account

By | July 30, 2016

There are many games you can enjoy on your mobile, simply by entering the app store your operating system, you have the opportunity to find a lot of more interesting games, but is fashionable and everyone is talking about Go Pokémon is, we are talking about a game in which you must catch all the Pokémon that are in your city, through the use of GPS on your mobile device.

Create Pokemon Go Account

Go Pokémon you can become a master Pokémon, but to play it need an account, then we’ll talk a little about that.

This is the mobile game, “Pokémon Go“, which really has become a phenomenon since it was launched, the truth is that in what makes him so charming, is also the fact that it is very easy play.

create pokemon go account

To start the game, follow these steps:

First you must give high

Should do to start downloading Go Pokémon, you can find in the store Android or Apple. It is not yet available in all countries, but you always have the option to download it in Android by APK.

You can create account Pokémon Go through an account Pokémon Trainer Club this if you already were using the old video game in which use of Pokemon trading cards are made.

But otherwise you should do the following:

How to Create Pokemon Go account.

• Open the application of Pokemon Go and wait for it to load
• Now when you open an account, you can choose “Google Account
• Then you must make creating your avatar, that is, with which you play (you have to select clothes, the color of it and even gender), then to do this and you can start playing.

Starting to play Pokemon Go

You’ll see that your avatar will appear on a digital map, it builds on the location that you are really using the GPS, and then follow all movements that can track your mobile phone. (Create Pokemon Go account)

We could consider almost like a simplified version of Google Maps, but no street names, no rivers or parks.

There is a compass he is always pointing north, and will observe all directions that are on the map, as long as you move the character.

Find some blue blocks, these are what give us an indication of the poképaradas, these sites can find some entrance to a park or even a nice decoration in a building.

And when you’ve reached those stops, then the disc can turn your phone will show in this way is that you can get Pokéballs, then you can use them to catch pokemon and have all kinds of objects.

You must have fun a lot, but remember that when using the phone does not have collisions with objects in the real world.

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