Create Skype Account

By | November 11, 2015

Create Skype Account. For using the Hotmail service and features, after you sign up you must login into your account, it’s really simple and will give you the option for using another Microsoft services like Skype, OneDrive or Calendar straight from the Hotmail Page.

Create Skype Account

First of all, in your home pc go to your browser and type or, you’ll now see the sign in page, write your email address or phone number and your password, it’ll now take you to your inbox and main page where you can manage your account and your emails. If you’re trying to sign in through a mobile device, you should go to the store of your OS and look for the Microsoft/Outlook/Hotmail app, download and install it. Then, open the app and write your emails address and password, you’ll now have access just like in your home pc.

If you can’t access your account, in, go to the “I forgot my password” link and pick the option that you need, you will be options like “I forgot my email address” or “I forget my password” depending on your pick, you’ll access to menu where you must follow the instructions on the screen. In case you forget your email address, you’ll need to provide your name, age and phone number associated to your account. You’ll receive a code with your email address.

If you forget your password it’ll be a little more complicated, but don’t worry, we can fix it. Click “I forgot my password” and select a recovery option such as answering the secret question, sending a security code to your phone via SMS or sending a link to your alternative email address to restore your password. By changing your password the access from other devices (Like a phone) will reset, and you may have to log in again.

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