Creating an email account

By | September 30, 2015

Opening an email account may be really necessary today. Most of all newspapers, bank services and more are now on the internet, and an email account is mandatory to access a lot of those things, don’t worry it is the easiest thing in the world, should we start?

Creating email account

create email account

There are a lot of services that provide email service, but we’ll talk about the top 3, okay? These services are totally private and are free, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Create Gmail Account

First: create Gmail account, the Google email service, maybe the most popular today in the world. Really safe and easy to work, when creating a Gmail account you have access to a bunch of Google services, if you need space to save your files online, Gmail gives 15 GB, free.

Create Hotmail / Outlook Account

Second: create Outlook account or create Hotmail account  (It’s the same thing, really) the Microsoft email service, the blue one is the most popular service between the young people because it first started as the Hotmail and MSN Messenger service and the users remain here. Outlook has an attractive design and a platform that makes sending and receiving emails a normal thing in your life, you get used to it, apps like calendar and online office and services like Skype make Outlook one of the best choices you can make.

Create Yahoo Account

And third: create Yahoo account, provided by Yahoo itself, is kind of a business email service, popular between the companies because of its extreme organization and fast. Although is not that good looking and does not have all those extra services that Gmail and Outlook may give you, Yahoo is perfect for the office, fast to use, with a lot of folders to save files by theme and a good spam filter, Yahoo provides finance and weather information straight to your home page.

These 3 email services work really good, all you need to do is go online to their respective pages, find the registration button and write your data. Really simple.

You can see more details in our tutorial of how creating an account.

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