Creating an new Apple ID

By | March 14, 2017

We begin our comprehensive course of iOS talking about something very important to what usually novel users pay less attention than needed: the Apple ID, which is the the user account that is used for the identification of all Apple services: buying music from the iTunes Store, downloading applications from the App Store, activating iCloud to keep information from multiple devices synchronized, request appointments from an Apple Store (for example, access to free training sessions).

Create new Apple ID

The Apple ID is also the password that protects our phone or tablet in case we lose it or got it stolen, preventing someone from resetting and selling it.

That is why you have to: a) use an account and password that you can remember without problems. B) that password mustbe easy to remember you and secure (other than a simple word, a sequence of numbers or something like that). My advice is you to think of some short phrase that you have marked, use some other capital letter and replace some of its letters with numbers.

An Apple ID, only one

You only need to create single Apple ID regardless of the number of apple products you use. Think of it as your electronic ID for Apple products. It is what identifies you. If you create more than one, as if you had multiple identities and you will make a mess in remembering what account to buy such thing in order to keep everything in sync.

If you already have one you have to enter it the first time you set up your new iPhone, iPad or even Mac, and this will become part of your devices sharing (if you want) the calendar, photographs or even the music, Apps, books… you have purchased. Your iPhone will ask you from time to time to do some sensible operation like activating the iCloud Keychain, making a purchase or accessing an online service like the iCloud website.

Create Apple ID

Nothing easier than on the Apple website of your country or directly from your iOS device, Go to Settings> iTunes Stor and App Store and click on “Create New Apple ID”. (If you are already logged in with another account you have to first click on it and then click on “Disconnect”).

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