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By | May 5, 2016

No doubt the king of social networks is Facebook, the amount of millions of users that counts today is already uncountable.

This time, we’ll show briefly the home page of Facebook. It is more than clear that this is only and exclusively directed to novice users who do not concocen no internet, as almost everyone has a Facebook account.

Facebook Home PageFirst of all I need to enter in the browser you use either Mozilla or Chrome, and in the address bar enter Facebook.com.

Facebook Home

When you’re done you’ll encounter the main Facebook page from which you can create Facebook account or login.

To log in to Facebook you have to complete the data with which you registered previously in the top right of the screen. The data are: username (which is an email) and password (as safe as possible).

I commented that this first at the bottom of where one can sign in Facebook, the part where you can register is located. There will have to complete various data such as name, where you live, email, phone number and more.  It is very important to enter a valid email, as you’ll need to activate your Facebook account.

It may interest the tutorial on how to create Facebook account.

We also have a link from which you can download Facebook Messenger, an application from which you can chat and use all the benefits of Facebook.com, from the comfort of your mobile.

URL: Facebook.com

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