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By | May 5, 2016

Facebook Messenger is an app which allows you to chat with all contacts you have on Facebook either from your phone or from the PC itself.

With this app you can send and receive pictures, talk to several people at once, knowing where you are writing, and both use the chat from the comfort of your desk PC desktop or from the cell itself.

Facebook MessengerDownload Facebook Messenger

One of the most interesting caracterósticas Facebook Messenger, is that you can use the video call service, which is almost the same as talking on the phone with other users. It also gives you the ability to configure the sounds according to the person you are calling or sending a message.

In turn has an infinite number of stickers and emoticons with which you can make much more pleasant conversation from your mobile or PC in Facebook Messenger.

Undoubtedly it is a utility that who has Facebook, the official service, should have it, because you can have all the benefits of the social network, but from the mobile.

Now, when you go down the street or you’re in a gathering of friends, you can chat with your contacts Facebook.com like you’re from home!

To have Facebook messenger is necessary to have or create Facebook account. Logically. I hope you have fun and you can download the app below.

Enjoy more than ever your Facebook account.

Download Facebook Messenger for Android or visit Facebook Home Page.

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