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By | September 25, 2015

Create Facebook Account. Facebook is the biggest social network in the world; you want to be part of it? Let’s do it.

First of all, you need an email account, we recommend opening a Hotmail or Gmail following our tutorials. If you have one already, let’s go.

Create Facebook Account

Go to Home Page, in the right part of your screen you’ll see a form where it says “Open an Account” click on it. You have to write your name, your email address, password, date of birth, sex and a valid phone number (You’ll receive a verification code); finally we click on “Open an Account”. See the video.

You will receive an email from Facebook to confirm your account, there should be a link, click on it and it will take you to a “Beginners” page where you can enter your email address and import your contacts from Hotmail, Facebook Messenger or other mail services to add them as friends in Facebook. This is just optional; you can skip this and go to the next step.

The next screen will ask you for information for your profile, such as your college, work, and interests. You can upload a profile photo so other people can see how you look and add you as a friend.

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You’re almost ready, all you need to do now is verify your account via phone, you’ll go to settings, verify my account and press “Send SMS code” you’ll receive it in just seconds, introduce it and you’re ready to start using facebook, post photos, find your friends and play games.

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