Create Hotmail Account

Create Hotmail Account. Opening your own Outlook account for using emails it’s really easy. Here we show you how to create an email in Hotmail quickly and easily. Especially for novices. How to register in Outlook / Hotmail and create an account:

First of all you can go to or it is the same thing, you should see the sign in fields, but you want a new account so you scroll down ‘till see the sign up now link, click on it.

Create Hotmail Account

It will take you to a form page you must fill in, write your first and last name, then pick an user name, this could take you a while because there are many user names already in use, you can choose between or, then you have to write other data such as password, region, birth date and gender.

Now you have to type your phone, you should use your real number, why? Well because if you lose your password they may sent you a verification code to that number to recover your Hotmail account. (search on Google – or Bing) See the video.

Sign Up Hotmail

Also, you should write a real alternate email address for the same reason that the number, if you lose access to your account it could be the only way to get it back, so if you don’t have another email you can use your friend’s or brother’s. Sign up hotmail

After sorting the captchas (This may actually take a little while) you are ready to click “Register Hotmail” (Login Hotmail), and there you go! You’re now ready to start using your brand new Hotmail account and receiving and sending emails, the page will now redirect you to your inbox; you should have 2-3 new emails from the team with tips of how to use your account.

10 Hotmail features to maximize your email

1. Integration with YouTube. Links can be opened automatically from the Hotmail / Outlook ventanade.

2. You can have all the accounts in one place. Hotmail gives you the ability to use your Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, or POP3 from the Hotmail inbox.

3. Your mail, using your own domain. If contas with a website, it is best to use a mail as You will have to have a powerful server, but this is free if you use

4. Messenger from Hotmail. You can chat with contacts from Hotmail Messenger or Skype from the Hotmail inbox.

5. large file from the mail. Since joining to SkyDrive, Hotmail lets you send attachments 10GB, more than all the other services.

6. Integration with IE9 and Windows 7.

7. Can you use Hotmail multiple email accounts in one. Reading and sent emails from the same inbox.

8. Grouping conversations.

2.0 9. More than ever. Hotmail are now synchronized with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, and other social networks.

10. You find only the emails they want. Increased capacity of organization in the Hotmail system.

Register Hotmail

1- Create a Hotmail account – Go to

2- Enter your first and last name.

3- Enter an Username.

4- Select extention or

5- Create a Passwrod and Re-enter it.

6- Select your Country

7- Enter your Birthdate

8- Enter your Gender

9- Specify your country code and contact number.

10- Alternative e-mail

11- Enter Captcha

12- Clic on Create Account

Outlook and Hotmail became known for a long time. Make no mistake, from you can also access and sign.

Sign in Hotmail

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