I can’t access my hotmail account

By | September 26, 2015

If you forget your password or someone try to hack into your Hotmail account you may have problems to log in hotmail, if this happens you can follow the next steps.

password outlookI can’t access hotmail

Go to Hotmail.com or Outlook.com and under the sign in fields you should see a link named “I can’t access my account” click on it. Here you will find three options:

I forget my password: Select this option and press Next, you’ll have to write your email address or your phone number, and then complete the captcha. You have two options now, use your alternative email address or your phone number, pick one and click next. You should receive a link to create a new password (By email) or a code to proceed and create a new password (By phone) follow the instructions and you’re done.

I know my password but I can’t log in: Hotmail will recommend you write again your email address and password and make sure it is all correct; if this doesn’t work you must write your email and the captcha and follow the steps like in the “I forget my password” option.

I think someone else is using my account: You have to select why you think someone is using your account (Unauthorized purchases for example) and the write your email address, the captcha and follow the steps like in the two previous cases.

To avoid this awkward situation, we recommend using a strong password with more than 8 characters, never sharing your information with people you don’t know or using the “Remember my password” option on shared devices.

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