I have a Hotmail account, how Outlook affects me?

By | September 25, 2015

If you have a hotmail account, you are now ready to use outlook. Outlook is a brand new and modern email service from Microsoft that came to replace hotmail.

2“I have my hotmail.com account and email, what else I need?” Nothing! The outlook service represents an automatic update of your hotmail account, now when you go to hotmail.com it’ll take you to the new outlook page (You can visit outlook.com as well).

Outlook or Hotmail?

But why do I want outlook?” Good question, outlook brings a bunch of new features that you are going to love; let’s take a look.

Skype: Yeah, if you use outlook, you can use the most popular video calls and messaging pc app too. All former hotmail users and new outlook users will get a free Skype account, the best part? All your contacts will synchronize automatically.

Use it anywhere: Now you can use Outlook wherever you may be, tablets, smart phones, iPods; just download the app from your favorite store in your Windows, Android or iOS device and start using Outlook from the comfort of your hand.

A simple mailbox: Sent, delete, or save hundreds of emails in just seconds is now possible with Outlook and its new sweep tool.

Multiple services: If you’re using Outlook, you’re using Skype and Xbox too. Use your account to log in into all Microsoft services, such as Skype, One Drive, or Xbox.

Automatically synced: Outlook will detect from where you are watching your emails, start writing one in your tablet and send it from your home pc.

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