If I have hotmail, do I have Skype too?

By | October 14, 2015

Good question; if you have a hotmail account you are using Skype, and congratulation, you now have access to the most popular video chat and calls app.

Now when you create a new hotmail account (Or just owning an old one) you also will get a Skype account, but how do you log in Skype? Is simple as going to your Skype client in your home pc, phone or tablet, you have two options to sign in, Skye user name or Microsoft Account, you’ll press this second one.

5It will ask for your hotmail user name and password, write them and you’ll see a little notification “Do you want link your Microsoft Account to Skype” press yes and now you are using Skype.

The contacts from your Hotmail/Microsoft account should automatically synchronize to Skype, but if you have problems with this you can import your contacts from your Hotmail account or a .CSV file.

Skype is so simple and easy to use as Hotmail, (Or the old Windows Live Messenger) you can now see your friends’ profiles, status, photos, and messaging or video chat with them.

The best part is, that after doing this, you can watch your online Skype friends directly from your hotmail inbox main page. In your inbox mail go to the top right and you will see a little Skype icon (You will recognize it by a little “S”) by clicking on it you’ll be able to talk to your friends, sending files, and starting a new video chat.

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