Importing contacts to Hotmail

By | September 29, 2015

Sometimes you may need import contacts to your Hotmail account from other services, such as Gmail or Yahoo Messenger, by following the next steps you can easily do it.

2014-09-15-13_33_28-gmail-outlook-yahoo.png-310×209Go to or, at your inbox go to the top left corner and press the little squares icon, then, click on people.

You will see two options, Add people to your contact list and Import contacts.

Adding people to your contact list: This option allows you to connect multiple accounts to your hotmail account, through other services like Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and Yahoo. The contacts on those services will now appear in your address book, the data will depend on the service you select, so they may be imported with information like email address, phone number, location, birth date, etc. This process also will upload your Hotmail contacts to those services, so we can say it is a “Two-way” option.

Importing contacts: Here you will see the option “Start import” by clicking it you will be able to import your contact list from another email service, this time will only import the name and email of each one of your contacts, you can use Gmail, Windows Live Mail, Outlook or Yahoo.

You also will have a last option named “Other” this one it’s for importing contacts directly from a .CSV file, (When you’re going to select the file it will look like a Excel File) this file may content all kind of data, names, emails, phones, region, and user names on social networks.

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