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By | May 21, 2016

It may be that you do not know exactly the service “live” precisely so used to be called the email from Microsoft, which today is recognized as Outlook or Hotmail. In his time as live, many people had the pleasure of being able to access an application to chat with family and friends, this bore the name Windows Live, however, has now been added to Outlook mail via Skype, and it works integrated manner. If you want to use the service login live, then then we are going to explain, since it may no longer be done in the same way that you knew you before.

  1. You must start by opening your favorite internet browser, then you have to type in the address bar www.outlook.com and you must wait to finish loading the page. Remember that login live gives you access to your Microsoft Mail.
  2. You’ll be taken to a page in which you will have your availability a form to fill in the first field you will be asked to make the entry of your email address from Microsoft.
  3. Now we have a second field in which you must enter the password or password for your email account. You must be very careful with this, because it recognizes the characters in capital letters and lowercase letters, and if you mistakenly activated caps lock the keyboard, you could have problems.
  4. When ready already have fields, you must click on the button press blue that says “Login” and then wait for the system to load your inbox.

It is very easy to use login live, is fast and anyone can do if you follow the steps in detail as you all mentioned above.

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