Marking an email as read in Hotmail

By | September 25, 2015

If you receive a lot of emails everyday and you don’t have enough time to read them, with the time they may accumulate into a large number, this can make the reading something tricky and annoying, a message marks as “Read” at the time you open it, but if you don’t want to open 500 emails, you can mark them as read all at once.

Mark unread” and “Mark read

First of all, log into your Hotmail account by going to or, when you’re in your inbox you will see a little white or “Empty” square next to all emails if you click on it, will appear a little check sign, then you go to the top and look for the action buttons, you will see things like Reply, Delete, Junk and Move to, look for a little 3 points icon (…) click on it and it’ll show more options, there you’ll see “Mark unread” and “Mark read” by clicking the second one the message will be marked as read and will not count in the inbox counter.

But this is still a lot of work if you have 300 emails for example, don’t worry, you can mark emails as read by page (35 emails at once), select the little white square at the top of the email inbox list and it will say “35 items selected”, go to the 3 points and mark as read.

If by accident you mark as read something you don’t want to, marking as unread it’s really simple too. Just select the item you want as unread and at the 3 point icon press “Mark as unread”.

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