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By | August 23, 2016

If we talk about a good service provider email, there is no doubt that is the best alternative, has many interesting features that have been in order that we can have a better experience, tools that allow us to do more things you just send and receive e-mail. is also constantly updating its features, many believe that only Google adds new Gmail service to its functions, but this is far from reality, what is certain is that they are the strongest competitors.

It is worth mentioning that are fashionable Olympic Games today, and put Gmail new features that relate to this. Therefore, the Microsoft team has been very attentive to this event, and has already thrown down to work.

Now it has become the integration of new functions for the calendar, they can find available in, with which we can keep track of special events such as the Olympic Games.

Through Bing technology, we have the option to browse a list of sporting events, these can be added to our calendar. They run by a very simple dynamic: we head into the calendar and then make the choice “Add calendar” and we have to make the selection of what we want.

Automatically will be added all dates in our calendar, they will have a different color with which we will be able to distinguish them from any other scheduled event. Of course, it will also synchronize with any other device you have.

We are talking about a function that is not available to all users, however, it is safest to end extending worldwide. At the moment it is pending that integrates this with mobile apps

Microsoft for its part, has also promised to add more events and other types of sports calendars for the future.

If in any case the function not available in our region, depending on the device we use can change it temporarily to get the features. As always offers excellent alternatives for its users to enjoy email, and these have very interesting features to make the most of our experience with the use of the mail.

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