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By | September 30, 2015

Creating an Outlook account maybe looks tricky, but it is actually a really easy. The following tutorial will explain the quickest way to create an email account in Microsfot service, Outlook, Hotmail also called:

Create Outlook account

create outlook account

Go to or and look for the registration page, open it and you’ll see a big form to fill, don’t worry this is all you need to write in those fields:

  1. Name: Write your name and last name, this allows the Hotmail team to identify you correctly.
  2. User name: Pick a user name easy to remember and that you feel comfortable with, it will be of the style or, is your choice.
  3. Password: You must enter your password; it should be longer than 8 characters, for security you should use, numbers, symbols and capital letters.
  4. Country: Pick your country from the list, this works for you to see a custom region main page in hotmail.
  5. Post code: For additional region verification.
  6. Date of birth: Confirm your age to access to more services.

Go to the next page and accept the Microsoft terms and conditions, and you’ll be ready to start using your account, you can edit all your information (Except for the email address) from the settings page whenever you want, all you need to do is type your password to verify your identity.

Once you’re logged in into your account there plenty of optional settings available that can be really helpful, spam filters, auto-answering and import/export contacts can save you any time you are hurry or busy.

Done! Now Login Outlook

If you have any problem by the time of registration there may be some mistakes in the form you filled, like:

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  1. Incorrect data: You may be using illegal characters in your username (Like @, ?, &, etc) remember that your username can only contain letters, numbers and underscore.
  2. Incomplete data: If you leave in blank some of the mandatory fields that will be a problem, but all you need to do is make sure you fill all the fields and you’re done.

For other problems you can consult the Help section on the Outlook main page.

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