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By | October 19, 2015

Paypal is an online payments system used all over the world; it is really useful for sending and receiving money online, Paypal is maybe the most popular online payment system because of its security, the company guarantees you your money and gives you many service options and features. In the world of internet, is almost mandatory a Paypal account, a lot of people, stores and companies pays services through it.

Creating a paypal account

Online stores such as Ebay, Google Play, Playstation Store, Netflix, Steam and Best buy accept Paypal as a payment option. Creating a Paypal account is totally free, although you may need a credit card (No fees will be charged without asking you) so let’s see the steps you must follow in order to create your new account.

First of all, go to and look for the registration button, click on it and you’ll be taken to the fill form page, on top you’ll see maybe the most important question of all: Your country, please pick your real country, Paypal may close your account if you use its services from a different country that you actually write, so be careful here. Pick your language and press “Create account” a new page will open, write your real information, name, last name, address, post code and birth date. Pick a safe password that you can remember.

Write the captcha and then you’ll be asked for a valid credit card number, you can add one or skip this step an go to “My Account”, once you’re there you’ll see a notifications panel, look for “Verify account” and a link will be sent to the email address you wrote in the fill form.

Go to your inbox, open the email and click on the link. You now own a Paypal account that can be used as payment method in hundreds of countries and stores all over the world; you can also transfer money to your bank account. Your account will have a limit (400$) of transactions per month, but if you add a credit card you actually won’t have a limit, your credit card number will be safe with the security Paypal gives you.

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