Sending an attached file in Hotmail

By | September 25, 2015

Now you can easily send attached files via email with your Hotmail account.

All you need to do is go to or and sign in. Once you are in your main page/inbox you click on the “New” button (Should be in the top left), now you must select a contact to send, add a subject and press “Insert” you’ll see 3 options: Files as attachments, pictures online and share from OneDrive, select what you want, also, you can just drag a file under the subject.3

If you select “Files as attachments” a little window will open, it will let you select the file that you want to attach, you can select multiple file by pressing “Ctrl” while selecting. Some files may not be able to upload, such as .exe or .zip files.

Pictures online works the same way, but when you select a photo or video, Outlook will let you publish it online to your Hotmail or Skype profile, or upload it to another services.

Share from OneDrive will show the OneDrive menu; here you can upload files from your hard disk or the OneDrive cloud, after doing this the file will automatically save in OneDrive Cloud and you’ll be able to access it anywhere you are.

The attached files have no size limits in Hotmail, but if you are attaching a very large file you should compress it by using a zip program.

After attaching a file you should see it under the subject, you are now ready to send it.

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