Sending an email to multiple contacts

By | September 27, 2015

Sometimes you may want to send an email, a photo or any file to a lot of people at the same time, how can you do it? Well let’s see how easy this is.

outlook-groupsEmail to multiple contacts

Go to or and when you are on your inbox, look for the “New” button at the top left, click on it.

At this section, you’ll have a little blank space to start writing the emails you want to send the email, but hey, you should click on “To” and it will open a list with all your contacts, all you need to do now is scroll down and look for as many people as you want to include as receiver, Hotmail has a very high limit of people (Over 400) to sending an email at the same time, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

You can also send an email to a Group, instead of looking the people one at the time just select the group and the email will send to all people on it.

If you decide typing the emails addresses be sure you write them correctly, if there are any mistakes the email won’t send and you’ll receive an email back from the hotmail team saying that there was a failure at time of sending, however, this will only affect the misspelled addresses, the ones written correctly will be include as receivers of the email.

When you send an email to multiple contacts you can go to the “Sent” folder and open the email, by clicking on “Details” you’ll be able to see the people you sent the email, even if you selected a Group instead of one by one.

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