Using hotmail in my iOS device

By | September 28, 2015

Using your hotmail account in your iOS device never was so easy, if you want start enjoying the benefits of hotmail in your iPhone, iPod and iPad just follow these steps.

7Hotmail in my iOS device

First of all, we won’t use an app this time, we will use the iOS mail feature, because it is already optimized to use hotmail and Gmail email accounts, so you are going to love how it looks.

In your iOS home menu go to settings and scroll down to Mail, contacts and calendar. Then press add account/service. You should see multiple services; we are using a Hotmail account so we’ll press “”.

You have to write your email address, your password and a description (A name for the mail box) that can be as simple as “Hotmail John Box” or anything you want really.

After doing this it may take a few minutes to continue, you’ll see menu that show what you want to synchronize, mail, contacts, calendar and notes. You can select them all (This is really helpful, will remind you dates, birth dates and events in your hotmail account automatically).

Easy right? It is! You are ready now, to see your mail go to your iOS menu, at the bottom you should see some main icons, calls/messages, mail, safari and music, press mail and you will see two sections, your mail boxes and your accounts.

In the mail boxes you will see your inbox (You are able to answer mails from here), but the best part is at the accounts part; there you can see your inbox, sent, mail and draft folders. Just as well as using the service from your home pc.

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