Using the Hotmail calendar

By | October 14, 2015

The Hotmail Calendar is a great tool to keep your important dates always updated.

For using Calendar go to or, at the top left you should see the Outlook logo, and next to it a little icon formed by little squares, click on it and you should see a lot of services that Hotmail provides, like Online Office, People, OneDrive and Calendar, click on it.

This will take you to the calendar main page; there will be the current month and all the tasks and dates future and past, pretty decent.

But here’s the cool part, by clicking on an empty day you can add an activity (A party, date, job interview, doctor’s appointment) the hour, and how long it will be.

And here’s the even coolest part, if you synchronize the Hotmail calendar from your app in your smart phone you will get notifications for the events, that’s right. Never miss a birth date again, don’t forget what day you got that test and be informed about the weather, yes, the calendar will show the weather for the day you have that task.

Other good feature about the calendar is that it is connected directed with your hotmail account, so if you have a birth date you can actually open the task and get information about the person, send an email, a photo, a video or any file directly from your web browser or your phone.

The calendar has push notifications, so you don’t need to update all days you want to know your pending tasks of the day.

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