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By | September 10, 2016

Create Whatsapp account. Whatsapp is undoubtedly the best instant messaging service that existed until today. outstrips its competitors LINE and Gtalk, in this tutorial learn how to create a WhatsApp account from your phone with Android operating system.

The first thing we have is a phone number to register and WhatsApp, and installation is done from a cell, not from the PC or tablet.

create whatsapp account

How to create Whatsapp account

First you will have to download and install WhatsApp, and when you have done the app will ask you the phone number with the prefix belonging to your country.

When you entered your phone number in WhatsApp, the system will send back a message asking you to confirm the creation of the account and the system continues to the next step. The message will arrive almost instantly, immediately after entering your number, otherwise you do not worry, aeces takes a few minutes, depending on how many people you are doing your own. However there is a last resort, or different resource, which is that Whatsapp call you by phone to confirm account, and in this case will be a voice message with the code needed to confirm and create the account whatsapp.

In turn you will be asked to enter a user name to use for your contacts to see you with that name, despite the redundancy. Anyway, just Whatsapp show our contacts, the name by which they themselves have us scheduled.

Now you have to click on “Next” at the top on the right you will welcome WhatsApp and show you that the service is free. After giving another click “Continue,” you will see the welcome message text and you can start using the service.

If you enter the icon at the top of the screen, the + next to the envelope, you see all your contacts, which can also be done with the menu button cell. There you will see users you have on your phone and also have WhatsApp installed on any mobile and system, either Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone.

delete whatsapp

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Delete WhatsApp account

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Clicking the Menu button> Settings> Account> Delete my account.
  • Enter your cell phone number but with the full international format, then press Delete my account.

The service can not delete your account, you must do it yourself.

We hope you have been useful tutorial.

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